Dream Lawns by Lawns of the West

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Backyards Just Got Better

Imagine having the best looking lawn in the neighborhood year-round with no effort...must be dreaming...

The highest performing, best looking year round, no maintenance surface covering your yard sounds too good to be true. But thanks to decades of research and development for professional athletic fields, the latest generation of synthetic grass looks better and outperforms even the most diligently maintained living grass.  

A Dream Lawn is the best play area for your dog and saves more water than all other conservation methods combined - Lawns of the West has saved over 740,000 gallons of water to date.

What We Do

Dream Lawn by Lawns of the West.

Putting Lawn by Lawns of the West.

You get a gorgeous green and lush lawn that is better than natural grass. Absolutely no bugs, no insects, no pesticides, no fertilizer, and no mud, our dream lawn is perfect for your babies and furry pets. You do not need to worry about over watering, mowing, raking, aerating and drastic climates. Our lawn is just perfect. Time to save up your upkeep and water utility expenses, this artificial grass is easy to clean. It may be artificial, but guaranteed, it looks, and feels like natural grass while outperforming it
The greenest, best looking and personalized putting green of your own, in your own yard! We install bent-putting grasses specially designed to replicate a real playing condition from pitching balls to releasing strikes. We can customize and install your needs from the shape that you desire up to technicalities such as contour, holes, locations, etc. Our top-notch and durable practice mats can also be installed anywhere you want to practice, and we guarantee, it will withstand every single swing of your clubs.

Dog Parks by Lawns of the West.

Playgrounds by Lawns of the West.

Your ideal low-maintenance yard designed for your loved furry pets! No matter of their numbers and sizes, we can customize and install your desired dog parks. Engineered with revolutionary and advanced technology, our grass installations are surely durable and can withstand friction and high wear and tear from our canine pets. Although artificial, our product looks and completely feels like natural grass that our pets cannot even feel the difference. It is also easy to clean, no need to trim, rake nor mow!
We want nothing but a safe, clean and low-maintenance playground for our kids, and Lawns by the West can give your just that. With our high-end and scientifically engineered product, your kids can enjoy a beautiful and durable playground.